Sunday, 31 January 2016


Hello etwinners! My name is Maria Jesus Torres. I am a Primary teacher and I work with Lorena in Alfonso Camin School, in Gijon (Asturias). We are very excited to be part of this wonderful Project! Our students are learning a lot about your countries and schools. Last Friday (January 29th)  We celebrated Peace Day. Over the years thousands of schools around the world have thought about innovative ways to celebrate Peace Day. From sport events to singing songs… There are lots of things to think about when planning Peace Day and this time 5 students representing our school, clallenge you to answer some questions. Please help us to learn more about Peace day initiatives.
We will publish our students projects through the twinspace. For more information please visit

We read and listened some texts about PEACE DAY, we wrote messages for PEACE and drew pictures. We sang the song Tu Enemigo ft. Juanes... It was great! You can watch how we did here:


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