Tuesday, 24 November 2015

This is Asturias and this is how Alfonso Camín school celebrated the Amagüestu/ Autumn party.

Asturias is a land of celtic traditions and folklore.

Resultado de imagen de asturies natural paradiseResultado de imagen de asturies natural paradise
video by Adolfo Mayo.

Alfonso Camín is a school located in Gijon (Asturias).

Resultado de imagen de traje asturianoResultado de imagen de asturies natural paradise

In November, every year we celebrate The Amagüestu. The amagüestu is an ancient tradition in Asturias where people sing and dance folk songs, play traditional games and eat roasted chestnut and cyder (Sweet cyder in schools).

In or school, we did Autumn activities and decorations(Thanks to all the teachers)  and we watched the Autumn parties and we coloured flags of our Etwinning partners. Thank you etwinners! 
Asturias flag                       Spain flag:
 Resultado de imagen de asturias flagResultado de imagen de spain flag

We sing Autumn Songs: Leaves are falling thematic. (thanks to the Music teacher Ana)

... And this is how we celebrated the Amagüestu party together, the whole school and families.
Here is the video that Maria Jesus Torres, 4th grade teacher made for us, thank you so much!
I hope you enjoy it! Thank you for watching!

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